Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 Predictions and Prognostications

In the information economy, zero sum gain is the ideal outcome for those who are interested in capitalizing the given opportunities. ... Regardless of the pseudo-positive news, most of the low to middle tier jobs are not returning to the U.S. For the time being, the opportunities are fewer in number and the pay is certainly much more modest than before.

The Ala Carte Model
Those who are on top of their "information media" mountain, do not always have to innovate. They just have to find new ways to generate new streams of revenue with their content. Building different subscriptions models and producing new content could only go so far.

The Rise of IPTV Technology
We think that the latest iptv technology will overcome cable tv in the future. The latest updates on IPTV can be found at iptvdigest.

The Continuous Rise of Automation
Any jobs that are returning to United States are being automated.

Other Predictions
  • Click here for IBM's view of the future.
  • Here is another view relating the possible changes for 2012.
  • The name of this game is to maintain the approach of cost and operational efficiency. We expected certain U.S. cities to continually slash their budgets. It is only a matter of time that police work will be outsourced to private companies.
  • Do not be surprised if on-line gaming sites becomes legalized in the U.S. and more gambling casinos are opened at various cities and towns.

Thoughts from the Compass Desk
Those who innovate, usually have a challenging time of surviving. If the innovation becomes relevant, their chances of thriving increases. Those who can't innovate, will imitate while waiting for a new opportunity.

If the imitators are able to maintain their peak performance, then they will have a fighting chance to survive.

Thriving in the information economy is about transferring innovative ideas to something that people can connect to. Are you doing it?

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