Sunday, January 15, 2017

Driverless Cars 1 Bus and Car Drivers 0

Click here for the latest trend.  Bus and taxi drivers  are about to lose their jobs in Las Vegas.  

We projected that this movement will take a minimum of two to three years before it has a national impact.

On the long run, the past and current drivers for Uber and  Lyft have been pawned and gamed.   Some of them do not realized it yet.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Automation of the Global Economy

Has your job been automated yet?  ... Is your company strategically more efficient than the competition?

Fast Company believed that automation has not reached that stage of pure automation while in Japan, the trend of white collar worker being replaced by artificial intelligence, has begun,

The strategic position that one stands in the global food chain is inversely proportionally to the odds that the AI and robots will take their job.

One could focus on a higher position in the food chain by building good strategic skills (thinking, planning, networking, etc.) 

Learning how to anticipate opportunities while connecting the dots is the holy grail of the strategy game.   

More to come. ...

Monday, January 2, 2017

A Compass Perspective For Applying the Western Chess Metaphor to Life for 2017

(updated at 11:18 hrs)

Click here and here for a few unique perspectives.

Click here on our perspective on Robert James Fischer, the former world chess champion.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Defining the Dao From the Perspective of Physics. ...

Click here and here for a different perspective of the Dao

Strategy is Physics
Click here for some more interesting books on physics.  

Happy 2017

Friday, December 30, 2016

Assessing the Positional Advantage .

updated at 10:28 hrs

In any competitive situation, it is important to deduce who is ahead of whom and by how many moves.

Some people preferred to ask the question of whether he/she is one move ahead of the opponent or one move behind the opponent.

One could use the factors of time, space, force, and topographical position to assess that specific strategic outlook.. 

Being Two Moves Ahead
How does one determines if he/she is one move ahead?  When he knows his next move and that he has the strategic foundation to make that move.  It does not matter if the opponent 

If that move forces the opponent to meet that threat, the offensive player becomes two moves ahead.

q: How does one knows when one is three moves ahead. 

More to come.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Returning to the Origin: Renewing the Winter Tradition of Reading the Classics and Other Matters

(An Oldie but Goodie)

As mentioned before, being mindfully aware is the key to succeeding in any endeavor. Sometimes it does not hurt to re-read the classics to remind us of the various fundamentals of life. 

Recommended Classics
In a previous post, we discussed the topic of taking one quiet weekend to re-read the classics (The Seven Military Classics of Ancient China, Dao De Jing, Zhuang Zi, etc.) during the winter season while standing.

One of the following weekends, some members of the group will be re-reading some of the following books:
  • Against the Gods (The Remarkable Story of Risk);
  • Sherlock Holmes Detective Stories;
  • The Protracted Game;
  •  The Thirty-six Stratagems Applied to Go;
  • The Tao of Physics; 
  • Strategies for the Human Realm;
  • The Tao of Deception;
  • 100 Unorthodox Strategies;
  • Dao De Jing;
  • Zhuang Zi;
  • The Romance of the Three Kingdoms; and
  • other unique strategic classics.
Here is an abridged list of the past "hot" books that we have read:
  • Anti-Fragile; 
  • Made to Stick;
  • The Physics of Wall Street;
  • The Signal and The Noise: Why So Many Predictions Fail- but Some Don't 
  • Turing's Cathedral: The Origins of the Digital Universe
For those who are audio listeners, we recommended the following books:

Other Notes One true reading tradition that we always forget to mention is the reading of interesting physics books and  quasi-strategic innovation books.


The rest of us will also be working on our Tangible Vision and our Compass Script while drinking hot tea.

This specific tradition and the use of the standing table have also enabled us  to hone our strategic and tactical skills.

Other Traditions and Suggestions
Following are other interesting yearly traditions that some of our strategic associates have always abided by:
  • Renewing one's yearly subscription of Business Week, Psychology Today, The Wall Street Journal and The Economist;
  • Reviewing and updating one's tactical playbook;
  • Reviewing and updating one's contacts notebook;
  • Backing up the data bank. 
  • Upgrading one's own technological infrastructure;  and 
  • Updating one's own security practices.

Our friends at Cook Ding Kitchen and other strategic groups have always reminded us to abide the subsequent list of suggestions that would help the underdogs:
  • Donating some cash or books to your local libraries;  
  • Donating some cash and/or food to your local charities; and 
  • Offering strategic advice to your local non-profit charities.
Comment From the Compass Desk
Practicing the process of reading the configuration of a situation, reflecting on the pluses and the minuses and adjusting to the  situation, is the daily proclivity of a good strategic implementer.

In our case, we preferred the practice of assessing, positioning and influencing.  We will discuss about that specific practice in a future post. 

# # #

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Some Good Food For Thought: A Very Pragmatic Idea for December 25

source: heeb

Comments From The Compass Desk
On this holy day, many people will pursue the historical (but pragmatic) strategic approach of eating Chinese food .

Click here on some insight on the Jewish tradition of eating Chinese food on Christmas Day.  

A few of our associates favorite Americanized Chinese food is  the General Tso Chicken.
While it is an slightly over-rated dish, some people consider it as comfort food. Click here for a quick history lesson on this "fun" dish.

Celtics Notes
The late and great Red Auerbach the former coach of the Boston Celtics (a professional basketball team) , have always preferred to have Chinese food for dinner before the game or after the game (regardless whether his Boston Celtics team won or lost a game).   ... 

The presumption was that good Chinese food should never create the feeling of "heavy" with the eater.  Whether Coach Auerbach and his team have ever completed a Chinese "nine course" banquet, is a different story.   

"Being light is right" is the basic principle of consumption.  ...   The state of lightness enables one to be agile and mobile.  Conclusively, this state causes one to feel balanced. 

In our case,  some of us have always followed the Compass Principle of being balanced. 

Chinese Food + Netflix = A Good Day

Be  safe.