Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Applying Strategic Power in the Information Economy (1)

In the information economy, the successful strategists judiciously assessed their competitive terrain until they are positioned themselves into an "one shot knockout" circumstance. .... In the case of Osama bin Laden, the outcome was two shots to the head. ...

This proper implementation of strategic power can be described as an integration of surprise, momentum and timing.

With the Big Tangible Picture in mind, the successful strategists connect the dots, reap the rewards and wait for the political and social after effects.

As of 05-03-11, the latest political after effects can be read here . The winners get it all. The political opposition just retreated to the office, "stewed" on the situation and waited for the next big event.

The amateurs occasionally read the situation with a grain of salt while leading with no mindfulness of the after-effects of their actions,.

The professionals spent their time assessing the target, positioning themselves toward an advantageous disposition and influencing their target with the awareness of the risk, the uncertainty and the volatility. Their understanding of the Big Tangible Picture enables them to decide accordingly to the situation.

Strategic power is achievable for those who have an abundance of intelligence, economics, logistics and the sheer drive to prevail.

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