Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Sign of the Times: The Automated Trend Continues

Past posts focused on the trend of robotic-driven services. We were informed that McDonalds is presently testing their automated service in Europe. (Thank you, Mr. Red Wings for updating us .)

Concurrently the writing end of the news businesses is slowly being automated.

Ruminations from the Compass Desk
Generating profits while maintaining the near cost-free efficiency is the key to succeeding in the information economy. The benefit of this approach is obvious.

Valued customer convenience means a greater rate of operational efficiency and minimum customer service. Full customer service will be only available to the economically affluent. It is the sign of the times

In the United States, minimum manufacturing and near-total automation have become the norm. The emphasis is on social networking and entertainment on demand.

Can you predict the after-effects of this continuous trend of economic dichotomy?

For those who don't know the after-effects of this trend, they should occasionally ask the following two questions:
  • Is their performance valued a minimum of five times greater than the cost of employing them?
  • Can their position be replaced by either an automated machine or someone who possesses the same skill with less economic costs?.

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