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Preparing for a Worst Case Scenario (from the Field Level)

Someone recently asked us for strategic and tactical advice for extreme situations where the attackers are carrying knives.   .  

Regardless of the geographical region, bladed attacks happen all over the world (i.e., ChinaCanadaEnglandthe U.S. etc.) The skill of the attacker might vary but the use of a blade is a common trend.  There was one unique case in London  where the victim was hacked to death.

Source: Yahoo

In some extreme combative scenario,  your attackers could be utilizing long, heavy and sharp apparatus or finger-sized stilettos?

Against normal street fighters, neophyte martial art training could only go so far.  Will your emulation of a MMA fighter or a highlander-sword slinger present you a temporary edge? We doubted that this insane approach would work against a seasoned street fighter.

Compass Solution
When maneuvering through chaotic and hostile terrain, carrying an Amazon Kindle, an iPAD, or any type of consumer electronic device, is not going to properly protect you from getting your head bashed by a gang of high school punks who are high on drugs.   Your copy of the Art of War will not resolve the spiritual conflict of the attackers.  

Prepare yourself for worst case scenarios by carrying the bare minimum. Focus on being light, agile and mobile. Do not be a mule.  ... 

Other Defensive Means
customized clipboard might make a good defensive object to utilize. It is light and durable. 

You can either purchase this item through the web or build it. It is quite simple. Our research tells us that a 10 by 15 inch clipboard with a quarter inch thick-ness, made from clear polycarbonate plastic, costs somewhere between the $20-$35 range. It fits into any briefcase or any reasonably-sized backpack and the weight is minimum.

We believed that it is possible to carry this implement as a defensive shield against some of the various lower caliber projectiles. Whether a person is willing to carry this clipboard, every hour of the day, is a different story

In a head to head situation where milli-seconds are quite previous, utilizing the clipboard might be a good tactical solution.   

Confrontational Tactic 
In a confrontational situation, keep them in front of you.  Do not get caught on an encircling situation.  It is essential to have the availability of one escape route available.  When in doubt, run first.   

Reminder: Do not let them encircle you.

We recommended that one should be methodical in their assessment of the current situation, and accurate (not impulsively quick, inaccurate and dead), before entering into a hazardous terrain.

The Advanced Advice for The Experienced Strategist 
"The Will to Prepare" is always greater than "The Will to Act on Instinct."  Be prepared by staying two steps ahead of the situation.

Those who enjoy the thrill of a direct confrontation and need additional tactical guidance.  We recommended the reading of the Water Book and the Fire book of Musashi's Book of Five Rings. It will enlighten you in the array of tactics for adjusting in different tactical confrontational situations

Situational Challenge
Can one "quick draw" the other guy before he could utilize his implement?  

Click and Observe.
Source: Youtube

Regardless of the thrill of the battle, one must understand the importance of honor and the respect of life.

Is the Solution Pragmatic and Practical?
Playing defense is always a pragmatic solution.  The extremity of the change factor and the initial assessment determines whether it is possible to proceed with the original solution.

Basic Suggestions From the Compass Network
We have asked our various friends in the martial art community for tactical advice. Some people suggested to arm heavily and learn how to utilize it. One person recommended the tactical practice of the advancing half step, right hand strike. Another person preferred the Baguazhang practice of the three palms (The Single Change Palm, The Double Change Palm and The Following Posture Palm) as the solution.  ... Me!?  ... I preferred to retreat, run and re-position while practicing the skill of ting jing and dong jing.

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