Friday, March 31, 2017

What is Strategic Power? (1)

The gist of strategic power is to exploit the advantages conferred by the tactical balance of power. Increase the opposition's excesses, seize what he loves. Then we, acting from without, can cause a response from within. 

The victorious army is like a ton compared with an ounce while the defeated army is like an ounce weighed against a ton. The combat of the victorious is like the sudden release of a pent-up torrent down a thousand -fathom gorge. This is the strategic disposition of force.  

The strategic configuration of power is visible in the onrush of pent-up water tumbling stones along. The effect of constraints is visible in the onrush of a bird of prey breaking the bones of its target.Thus the strategic configuration of power of those that excel in warfare is sharpy focused, their constraints are precise. Their strategic configuration of power is like a fully drawn crossbow, their constraints like the release of the trigger.

Intermixed and turbulent, the fighting appears chaotic, but they cannot be made disordered. In turmoil and confusion, their deployment is circular and they cannot be defeated.  

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Do You Know Whether You are Three Moves Ahead of Your Competition?

In life, most competitively-aware amateur strategists are always asking whether he/she is one step ahead or one step behind while the professional strategists are always focused on being two moves ahead.  

Regardless of the amateur's perspective of the gameboard is somewhat different and uniquely unrealistic, the outcome that originates from the endgame is what counts.

There are different ways to predict the number of moves that one is ahead of the competition.  ... Some people have employed a variation of the "Measure Theory" for the purpose of understanding the strategic state of their situation.  ...    They measured the situation with their process model before ever deciding whether it is possible to beat the odds.

Once the projected quantity of "moves ahead" is established,  The next step is to establish the First Move Initiative. 

Defining the Three Moves Ahead 
To be one move ahead of the competition, one must know their own objective and the specifics of their tactical approach. It is usually based on the assessed circumstances of their situation.

Two moves ahead means knowing the competition's counter move to your move

Know whether the competition has the leadership qualities and the strategic foundation to counter your move, is being three moves ahead.  

This scenario works if the quality of information is current and complete. This state of information makes the situation slightly predictable and semi-static for that moment.

There are other perspectives for predicting whether one is multiple moves ahead. We will discuss more on this matter in a later post. 

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Psychology is Strategy: Why Time Flies

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To implement strategy properly, one must learn how to synchronize time, human element and technology into one movement.

In most instances, most people do not know how to perceive the time that it takes to complete a grand objective.  

Alan Burdick's book on the "perception of time" sort of discussed this subject matter 

Click here, here, here, here, and here for interesting reviews on this book. 

From a Baguazhang practice perspective, some of us have viewed the completion of a grand objective (macro project objective)  in terms of eight different states of changes (four seasons and four micro-seasons).  

Completing the objective while being mindfully staying ahead of  changes is always the challenge.  

More to come.  ...

Thursday, March 23, 2017

More IPTV's Spring Trends: 2017

As Video Becomes a Basic Service, Telecom Carriers Must ...
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The video business is growing faster than anyone could have imagined. In 2016, the number of IPTV users in China doubled to 110 million. And in more than ...

Global IPTV Market Will Hit $93.59 Billion by 2021
Digital Journal
Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) is the advancement in television with the latest broadcasting technology. IPTV delivers TV programs through internet by ...

Telecom Service Assurance Market: Global Industry Analysis, Size ...
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People are getting closer by advanced technologies such as 4G, video conferencing, 3G, and Internet protocol television (IPTV). Hence, reconfiguration of the ...

Advertising Spending Declines in 2016, But Mobile Ads Thrive

The Korea Bizwire
IPTV also saw a decline of 4.6 percent to 83 billion won. Printed media, namely newspapers and magazines, reported ad revenue of 1.54 trillion won and 456.4 ...

See the Future, in the Present: The Internet of Everything Market ...
IoT Evolution World (blog)
About the Author: Tim Green has been designing OTT and IPTV solutions since 2005. The founder and CIO of TikiLIVE, Tim has bootstrapped the small ...

OTT Video News, Deals, Launches and Products from CES
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UK maritime VSAT firm NSSLGlobal, has acquired Norwegian IPTV company SnapTV, a company delivering entertainment services for maritime and offshore ...

Free-to-air Services Market in EMEA is Projected to Touch US$1558 ...

IT Business Net
The growing demand for IPTV has given rise to a broader scope for internet advertising that is user-targeted rather than the generalized advertising available on ...

Digital Video Value Chain 2017

Yahoo Finance-4 ho
12, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Digital video tech vendors, IPTV sales and services, enterprise-grade modules-to-workflow suites, adtech platforms, integrators, media ...

Standard Based Communication Servers Market to Register a ...
openPR (press release)
... the several equipment for applications such as IPTV, wireless broadband and other IP multimedia subsystems. These servers are based on managed industry ...

Video streaming market report forecasts high growth by 2022 ...
The solution segment is further divided into pay TV, over the top (OTT), and internet protocol television (IPTV). The platform types include laptops & desktops, ...

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

IPTV's Spring Trends:2017

Why Open Source is Driving the Big Data Market
Data Economy
This is mainly attributed to the growing use of Real-Time Entertainment services such as OTT-delivered video content (Netflix, Amazon) and IPTV. Long form ...

Internet Protocol Television Market Deep Research Study with ...
Satellite PR News (press release)
IPTV stands for Internet protocol television, a technology that delivers television services over a packet-switched network while remaining within the Internet ...

Pay TV Video Encoders Market is likely to Register Single Digit ...
openPR (press release)
Cable operators are facing tough competition from satellite and IPTV services. Satellite services are usually known as DTH. In the U.S., DTH has gained huge ...

Wired Telecommunications Carriers Global Market Report 2017
Yahoo Finance
Thus, a consumer receiving internet and voice telephony is more likely to subscribe to IPTV, video on demand and pay television services. For example, AT&T ...

Lower TV and media sales contribute to Ericsson woes
Ericsson is banking on its MediaFirst IPTV platform turning around the TV business. Overall, the struggling telecom equipment giant posted sales of SEK65.2 ...

Global IPTV Market to Record an Impressive Growth by 2021
Digital Journal-7 hours ago
The report covers forecast and analysis for the IPTV market on a global, regional ... The study includes drivers and restraints for the IPTV market along with the ...

Global IPTV Market to Expand Their Businesses by 2021
NewsMaker (press release)
Global Smartwatches Market by Price Range (High-end, Mid-end and Low-end) by Operating System (Android Wear, Watch OS (iOS) and Others): Global ...

Global Mobile AdTech Market 2015 Share, Trend, Segmentation ...
EIN News (press release)
... profit splits, platform revenue and M & A valuations, CDN and integrated (IPTV/OTT/Cross-device) optimization platform revenue, M & A and asset analytics.

Set-Top-Box Market to Grow at a CAGR of 4.83% during the period ...
Satellite PR News (press release)
Global Set-Top-Box Market can convert both analog and digital signals into visuals. There are four main types of STBs: cable, IPTV, satellite, and hybrid.

Global IPTV Market Will Reach $93.59 Bn by 2021
Digital Journal
Global IPTV Market Will Reach $93.59 Bn by 2021 ... IPTV delivers TV programs through internet by streaming while normal TV programs uses broadcast ...

Global Set-Top-Box Market to Grow at a CAGR of 4.83% During the ...
Satellite PR News (press release)
STBs can convert both analog and digital signals into visuals. There are four main types of STBs: cable, IPTV, satellite, and hybrid. STBs can be used to improve ...

As Video Becomes a Basic Service, Telecom Carriers Must ...
Light Reading
The video business is growing faster than anyone could have imagined. In 2016, the number of IPTV users in China doubled to 110 million. And in more than ...

Global IPTV Market Will Hit $93.59 Billion by 2021
Digital Journal
Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) is the advancement in television with the latest broadcasting technology. IPTV delivers TV programs through internet by ...

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Another Clue on the 100 Unorthodox Strategies

(updated at 18:00 hrs)

The quality of field intelligence is proportional to the category of strategy. 

More to come.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Beating the Odds. Our Book Recommendation: A Man for All Markets (Edward O. Thorpe)

(updated at  03.18.17, 12:38 hrs)

If you are a strategist who enjoys capitalistic competition and numbers, I highly recommend this autobiography by Edward O.Thorp.

Click here, click here,  click here, click here, click here,  click here,  click here  and  click here for some unique perspectives.

At this moment, I do not believe if I can quite append any new insights about the mindset of this genius.   

However, he indirectly uses his view of "The Five Critical Strategic Factors."
Shop, read and enjoy. 

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Wishing Happy Birthday to Albert Einstein

Source: Wikipedia

Today is Albert Einstein birthday. He would have been 138.

So how does Albert Einstein fits into the Big Tangible Picture (BTP) of strategy? 

His "Big Picture Thinking" in the area of theoretical physics lead to the general theory of relativity, one of the two pillars of modern physics (alongside quantum mechanics).  It also lead to a Nobel Prize 

Interestingly, many of his ideas started with something small. It then  slowly evolve into something big by experimenting it in the many specific realms of life.  Like most great thinkers, Einstein was seeking that absolute  "game-changer" idea that could positively explain the ultra specifics of life that affect our lives.   

Connecting to a Similar Situation 
To create or innovate a new idea, one starts with a base idea and slowly evolve it by connecting it to another similar idea that operates in a similar terrain.

This approach is similar to how Tesla operated.

“My method is different. I do not rush into actual work. When I get a new idea, I start at once building it up in my imagination, and make improvements and operate the device in my mind. When I have gone so far as to embody everything in my invention, every possible improvement I can think of, and when I see no fault anywhere, I put into concrete form the final product of my brain.” - Tesla

You do think like that.  ... Do you?

Final Thoughts
Regardless of the realm, good strategy is about comprehending the connectivity of the tactical particulars within one's terrain and the results from it before building the strategic plan that leads to one's projected goal.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Tomorrow is Pi Day

source (updated at 3.14.17,  6:28 am)

Pop culture is about the irrational exuberance by the unmindful masses, on some irrelevant subject matter that has a life cycle of a lemming.  A few people might look beyond the basic facade and discovered some glimmer of substance.  It is rare but possible.

A Note on Pi
So, how does  the Pi constant of  Pi Day connect to strategic thinking?

The uniqueness of  this specific math constant transcends time and space because it is found in a vast array of math and physics formulas.  

Because of its historical value  and its pertinent value to our setting, the nerds decided to give the Pi constant its own day.

Side note to the non-nerds: There is more to the Big Tangible Picture of strategy than organizational leadership,  tactics, resources, technology and operational strategy.

Math plays a part in every day of our lives.   It is used in predicting weather, time, money management.  Beside the apparent formulas and equations and the emphasis of rational logic,  math is a superb tool that can be used to solve many predictable and near-predictable problems.

In some instances, math is quite relevant in one's choice of tactics, and their overview of the strategy.

Connecting to the Bigger Picture
Before assessing the scope of the Big Tangible Picture strategically, the budding amateurs should learn how to estimate the scope of certain prevailing factors.  

Good strategists who usually comprehend the connectivity of the relevant (ultra-level) tactical specifics that play the important role in the configuration of their terrain and beyond.  (In some rare cases, these ultra-level tactical specifics could be a game changer in the impact of our lives. )

For some situation, the experienced strategist could use the configuration of the terrain into their strategy.  It helps to understand the math, the physics and the chemistry that operate within it. 

Side Notes  

Click here on how it is celebrated in Silicon Valley and click here on how some future engineers and scientists previously celebrate this day.  Then, click herehere,  here and here   on the other viewpoints of this event.   ...  Celebrate this day by baking a pie or buy a raspberry pi.

Fwiw, the hardcore nerds are more interested in the Tau day.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

The Rise of Machines: Perspectives, Projections and Predicaments

Click here on one's specific perspective of the first five jobs that the robots will take.   Now, click here on another specific perspective of the last five jobs that the robots will take.  Finally, click here on the projected "life after the rise of the machines."

Regardless of the speculation, the robots would not be able to properly perform a job that requires strategic creativity.   

Through the process of strategic creativity, one could solve problems by knowing when to think inside the box and when to think outside of the box. 

The Process Model 
Knowing the quality of the information that connects to the current strategic situation is step one .

More to come.  ... 

A Brief Note on the 36 Strategies and the 100 Unorthodox Strategies

Someone once informed us that the informational state of a strategic situation establishes whether one implements one or more of the following tactical approaches:
  • the numeric advantage approach;
  • the mismatch advantage approach;
  • the deception advantage approach (36 Strategies);
  • the unorthodox advantage approach (100 Unorthodox Strategies)
  • the combinational approach;
  • the synchronization of momentum and timing approach; etc.
Implementation of 36 Strategies is usually based on the time factor and an assortment of mini situational scenarios where the execution of the 100 Unorthodox Strategies is based on the tectonic-driven configuration of the strategic situation.

It all starts with the Victory Temple Paradigm.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Classical School of Tradecrafting

(updated at 16:33 hrs)

Some people preferred to concealed their ideas and their messages by using various "pgp-driven solutions".

If you are not a big fan of techie solutions for transmitting messages, try the courier solution.

Food For Thought
To protect one's intellectual properties, it is important to anticipate ahead on how to convey certain parts of one's idea to their team members.   

To understand the Big Tangible Picture (BTP) of one's terrain, we highly suggest the reading of Jiang Tai Gong's Six Secret Teachings