Friday, July 29, 2016

A Clue to Using Sunzi's Five Critical Strategic Factors as a Strategic Tool

What are the Five Critical Strategic Factors (CSFs)?
  • Dao (The Way) is the singularity
  • Tien (Heaven) is the cyclical state 
  • Dian (Earth) is the strategic situation
  • Jiang (General) is the leadership qualities
  • Fa (Methods, processes, etc.) is the efficacy of logistics and economics 
Based on the information relating to the Five CSF, does the chief decision maker possessed the leadership qualities and the processes to match or to exceed the strategic criteria of the singularity.  

You can read more about it on Chapter One of the Sun zi essay.

Using The Heaven Factor and The Earth Factor as a Guide
“Among the spiritual nothing is more honored than Heaven, among strategic power nothing more conductive than earth, among movements nothing more urgent than time, and among employments nothing more advantageous than man. Now these fours are the trunks and branches of the army. But they must rely the Tao before they can be implemented and attain unified employment.

Now advantages of Earth overcome season of Heaven; skillful attacks overcome advantages of Earth; strategic power conquers men. Those who rely on Heaven can be confused, who rely on Earth can be constrainted, who rely on time can be pressed and who rely on men can be deluded. Now benevolence, courage, trust and purity are attractive human attributes, but the courageous can be enticed; the benevolent can be seized, the trusting can be deceived, and the pure are easily plotted against. If the army’s commander displays any one of these attributes, he will be captured. From this perspective, it is clear that armies control victory through the patterns of the Tao, not through relying upon the talents of worthies. Only those worth form cannot be ensnared. For the reason the Sage conceals himself in the originless so that his emotions cannot be perceived. He moves in the formless so that deployment cannot be fathomed. Without tactics or appearance, he acts appropriately.  Without name or shape, he changes and creates an image. Even among those with acute victory,. Who can spy out his nature?”

Huai-nan Tzu, a Daoist-Strategist
-      Ping-luen -hsun

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