Friday, July 1, 2016

The Dao of the Smart Economy

The competitiveness factor of the global economy has ascended a few notches upward since the emergence of the Internet.

Those who possessed the near-endless abundance of resources, can afford to err in their endeavor while the rest of the world who possess a finite amount of resources are usually risk-adverse.

They espoused to the masses to push, persist and persevere without telling them about their singular advantage.

How do you prevail over these crafty banshees?

The Suggestion 
Recognize the configuration of your arena before outlining the specific factors that are in play.  Comprehend the strategic state of the matrix that is behind the array of those factors by understanding the measurables behind each factor.

Out of the macro menu of tactical approaches, most people chose the one that is based on these following three points: attainability; realistic in its projected outcome and the timeline that the objective/approach must be completed by.

Based on the arrangement of those specific factors

Be smart, not stupid.

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