Friday, March 31, 2017

What is Strategic Power? (1)

The gist of strategic power is to exploit the advantages conferred by the tactical balance of power. Increase the opposition's excesses, seize what he loves. Then we, acting from without, can cause a response from within. 

The victorious army is like a ton compared with an ounce while the defeated army is like an ounce weighed against a ton. The combat of the victorious is like the sudden release of a pent-up torrent down a thousand -fathom gorge. This is the strategic disposition of force.  

The strategic configuration of power is visible in the onrush of pent-up water tumbling stones along. The effect of constraints is visible in the onrush of a bird of prey breaking the bones of its target.Thus the strategic configuration of power of those that excel in warfare is sharpy focused, their constraints are precise. Their strategic configuration of power is like a fully drawn crossbow, their constraints like the release of the trigger.

Intermixed and turbulent, the fighting appears chaotic, but they cannot be made disordered. In turmoil and confusion, their deployment is circular and they cannot be defeated.  

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