Saturday, April 8, 2017

Observing the Big Tangible Picture (BTP) From the Top View (A Perspective From Hui Shi) 1 of 2

Hui Shi was a consulting advisor to the kings and the minsters of ancient China, developed a set of strategic guidelines (aka. 10 Paradoxes) that was based on his observations.  ..

Following is an abridged listing of those observations:

"The largest thing has nothing beyond it; it is called the "One of Largeness." The smallest thing has nothing within it; it is called the "One of Smallness."

"That which has no thickness cannot be piled up; yet it is a thousand li in dimension."

"Heaven is as low as earth; mountains and marshes are on the same level."

"The sun at noon is the sun setting. The thing born is the thing dying."

"Great similarities are different from little similarities; these are called the little similarities and differences. The ten thousand things are all similar and are all different; these are called the great similarities and differences."

"The southern region has no limit and yet has a limit."

"I set off for Yueh today and came there yesterday."

"Linked rings can be separated."

"I know the center of the world: it is north of Yen and south of Yueh."

"Let love embrace the ten thousand things; Heaven and earth are a single body."

Comments From the Compass Desk
Pinpointing the contradictions and the unity points enables one to have the capability to create tactical mismatches.

More to come

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