Saturday, April 29, 2017

Does Automation Means Zero Jobs and Free Money?

As mentioned in previous posts (2010 and after), we projected that the robots were going to take jobs from our fellow humanoids.

The Questions of the Day
Have any of you heard that this  French politician's proposal- that every adult get £660 a month for free... because ROBOTS are taking over three million jobs?

Interestingly, Elon Musk of Tesla's also concluded the same point in Nov 2016.

Q: Will the cyber money then be produced by robots?

Projection and Prognostication 
Our projection is that there will always be jobs for those who are strategically creative and are willing to take the chance to prevail over the complexity of life.  Whether the actual endpoint of the endeavor beats the odds is a different story.

The first step is having the willingness to not to take things for granted.

The next step is recognizing the matrix of the connectivity that exists behind the order of the grand situation.

The third step is verifying the truth behind the recognition. 

The fourth step is asking whether one has the leadership qualities, the resources and the logistics to meet or exceed  the standards behind the matrix of the connectivity.

The fifth step is to deciding whether one is willing to pursue the challenge. 

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