Monday, March 13, 2017

Tomorrow is Pi Day

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Pop culture is about the irrational exuberance by the unmindful masses, on some irrelevant subject matter that has a life cycle of a lemming.  A few people might look beyond the basic facade and discovered some glimmer of substance.  It is rare but possible.

A Note on Pi
So, how does  the Pi constant of  Pi Day connect to strategic thinking?

The uniqueness of  this specific math constant transcends time and space because it is found in a vast array of math and physics formulas.  

Because of its historical value  and its pertinent value to our setting, the nerds decided to give the Pi constant its own day.

Side note to the non-nerds: There is more to the Big Tangible Picture of strategy than organizational leadership,  tactics, resources, technology and operational strategy.

Math plays a part in every day of our lives.   It is used in predicting weather, time, money management.  Beside the apparent formulas and equations and the emphasis of rational logic,  math is a superb tool that can be used to solve many predictable and near-predictable problems.

In some instances, math is quite relevant in one's choice of tactics, and their overview of the strategy.

Connecting to the Bigger Picture
Before assessing the scope of the Big Tangible Picture strategically, the budding amateurs should learn how to estimate the scope of certain prevailing factors.  

Good strategists who usually comprehend the connectivity of the relevant (ultra-level) tactical specifics that play the important role in the configuration of their terrain and beyond.  (In some rare cases, these ultra-level tactical specifics could be a game changer in the impact of our lives. )

For some situation, the experienced strategist could use the configuration of the terrain into their strategy.  It helps to understand the math, the physics and the chemistry that operate within it. 

Side Notes  

Click here on how it is celebrated in Silicon Valley and click here on how some future engineers and scientists previously celebrate this day.  Then, click herehere,  here and here   on the other viewpoints of this event.   ...  Celebrate this day by baking a pie or buy a raspberry pi.

Fwiw, the hardcore nerds are more interested in the Tau day.

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