Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Do You Know Whether You are Three Moves Ahead of Your Competition?

In life, most competitively-aware amateur strategists are always asking whether he/she is one step ahead or one step behind while the professional strategists are always focused on being two moves ahead.  

Regardless of the amateur's perspective of the gameboard is somewhat different and uniquely unrealistic, the outcome that originates from the endgame is what counts.

There are different ways to predict the number of moves that one is ahead of the competition.  ... Some people have employed a variation of the "Measure Theory" for the purpose of understanding the strategic state of their situation.  ...    They measured the situation with their process model before ever deciding whether it is possible to beat the odds.

Once the projected quantity of "moves ahead" is established,  The next step is to establish the First Move Initiative. 

Defining the Three Moves Ahead 
To be one move ahead of the competition, one must know their own objective and the specifics of their tactical approach. It is usually based on the assessed circumstances of their situation.

Two moves ahead means knowing the competition's counter move to your move

Know whether the competition has the leadership qualities and the strategic foundation to counter your move, is being three moves ahead.  

This scenario works if the quality of information is current and complete. This state of information makes the situation slightly predictable and semi-static for that moment.

There are other perspectives for predicting whether one is multiple moves ahead. We will discuss more on this matter in a later post. 

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