Thursday, May 26, 2011

Compass Rules

We have always operated on the following set of rules. It is quite intuitive.

Read, review and comment.

The Compass Rules (abridged listing)
  • Assess the tangibility of the big picture before deciding.
  • Position by transforming your assessed data into a plan that enables you to strategically influence the terrain around the target.
  • Influence by maximizing your strategic position consistently.
  • Assess the tangibility of the big picture whenever your settings have changed.
  • Assessing and Positioning is about reading and leading.
  • Read and Lead (Read the Big Picture and Lead with your plan).
  • Assessing, Positioning and Influencing is a process not a by-product.
  • Build your own Tangible Vision.
  • Connect with your Tangible Vision.
  • Lead with your Tangible Vision.
  • Follow the PACE of your Tangible Vision.
  • Connect the dots properly and promptly means reaping the rewards.
  • Executing the process properly and promptly, starts the momentum.
  • Executing the process effectively is what prevails at the end.
Organizing these guidelines as a process is a different story. We generalized it enough where it can be used for any competitive venture. Techie tools and toys evolve while the relevant process stays the same.

We will cover the specifics for these Compass rules at a later post.

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