Thursday, May 5, 2011

Applying Strategic Power in the Information Economy (2)

Successful strategists prevailed in their endeavor by knowing the fundamentals, the terrain and the way of their competition.

From an operational view, the successful strategists know the measures and the constraints of the terrain and the intent of the competitors within it. They exploited the various intelligence, regarding to the economics, the logistics and various other strategic factors for the purpose of establishing the strategic power.

Having strategic power means that one has the Big Tangible Picture regarding to the terrain and the targeted competitor. It also enables one to discreetly evaluate the state of the opposition. In some cases, the strategists can become unorthodox and misdirected their opposition into wasting their resources and their credibility.

In summary, the targets usually do not understand that they have been deceived until the act is completed.

You can find more on these points on building strategic power when reading the Seven Military Classics of Ancient China.

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