Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Answer (1)

Q: So, do you know what specifics constitute one competitor to be one or two moves ahead or behind their competition?

A: The answer is in the Sunzi's  Art of War
" ... If I know my team can attack, but do not know the competition cannot be attacked, it is only halfway to victory. If I know the competition can be attacked, but do not realize our team cannot attack, it is only halfway to victory. Knowing that the competition can be attacked, and knowing that our army can attack, but not knowing the terrain is not suitable for combat, is only halfway to victory. Thus one who truly knows the army will never be deluded when he moves, never be impoverished when initiating an action.

Thus it is said if you know them and know yourself, your victory will not be imperiled. If you know Heaven and Earth, your victory can be complete. ... " 
- Paraphrased from Sun Tzu's Art of War 10 (Sawyer's translation)

This is one's approach for staying one to two steps ahead of the competition. 

Compass Rule
If you are able to anticipate two steps ahead of your customers and/or your competition, implement a move that offers a half step advantage.

New Question:
Why would any successful strategist make a strategic move that offers the advantage of being an half step ahead?  

Ask your local Art of War (AoW) strategy expert if he or she knows the answer.  If you look at your copy of the Seven Strategy Classics and the other arcane classics, you might get the right answer. 

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