Thursday, October 18, 2012

Miscellaneous Thoughts

Using Technology as the Kitchen Sink Solution
It should be obvious to most people that the scope of a specific technology can only go so far. ... Each and every situation could be slightly different. Therefore, the settings of the technology can not always give the immediate answer.  In some cases, there is no "automatic kitchen sink" answer. It is up to the strategist to have that unique skill to read the situation and determine whether adjustment to his/her initial strategies and tactics are needed. ... 

Understanding the specifics of the situation do matter.

The Importance of Having a Strategic Process
Good principles usually represent the Big Picture.  Fitting the principles into a process is a challenge.  (Ask the Cult of the Art of War if they know how to do that.)

Having a finely-honed strategic process model enables one to read the situation and adjust to each and every relevant situation that he/she could encounter while being mindful of the Big Tangible Picture. Having the process to organize the information is important.  

Process Over Principles
Remember that principles can only go so far.  A well-scaled principles-driven process that enables one to evolve is greater than a list of obvious principles.

The Question of the Day
So what is your everyday process?  ... 

Try our process of Assessing, Positioning and Influencing through scripting. It is that simple.  

Side note
Having the right strategic approach is one part of the puzzle of solving a problem.  Another part is possessing certain social skills. It allows the strategist to connect to their team or their competition. 

In summary, read your strategic situation carefully before deciding on your grand objective and your approach. The external influences of your situation and your grand objective will occasionally influence you to adjust your process model of means and modes. 

It is important to question those who espoused this view of "the automatic kitchen sink answer."


Rick said...

You must have a method, or there is no way to put the principles into practice.

Compass Architect said...

If the Cult of the Art of War only secured a legit copy of the Tang Dynasty's commentary and a copy of Zhang Liang's strategy book, they would really understand what we really know. Whether they can read between the lines, is a different story. Those amateurs will be forever throwing AoW's quotes to their mindless followers.

Read Sawyer's and Ames translation. The clues are there.