Saturday, October 27, 2012

World Series Analysis (Part 2: The Next Three Games)

Miscellaneous Trivia
One extra week of rest can un-synchronize a player.  An "out of sync" catalyst usually causes the obvious outcome.

The San Francisco Giants won the second game with small ball.  By grinding it out inning by inning. the Black and Orange offense prevailed at the latter stage of the game through their mastery of the fundamentals and some luck.

For the next three games, they are playing the Tigers in Detroit.


History and odds are against the Tigers.   By focusing on one game at a time and playing on their strengths,  they have an even chance to win.  Past history and probability do not win games where time is not a factor.
  • The Tigers home record and the Giants away record are mildly relevant to this game.  In a American League park, we expected the Tigers to have the hitting advantage with their DH.  (It is a moderately large ballpark.) They know the quirks within their home park and usually score through the long ball.  The Tigers have good base runners.
  • We also expected the game temperature to be cold.  It should not be a factor against the SF Giants.  They are quite used to the cool climate from playing at the ATT park.  Cold weather can be a wild card for those who are not prepared.
  • The direction and the velocity of the wind will affect the possibility of the long ball.  (It  could be the wild card that favors the Tigers.)
  • To disrupt the spirit of the Tigers and their fans, the SF Giants must score first and fast.  Once the lead is obtained, the Giants bullpen takes over.  In most cases, the majority of the Tigers fans will be psychologically pressured to surrender to the inevitable.  Only, the extreme fanatics will cheer on their team, many hours after the game is over. 
  • If the last innings of the game is tight, one could expect that Bochy implements the "bullpen by committee" option.  The Tigers have a weak bullpen.  The SF Giants will have the advantage. (In this situation,  the manager's strategic view of playing the "matchup" game becomes more relevant.) 
  • Click here for an expert view on tonight's game . 
  • We expected the Tigers to win at least one of the three home games.  If not, Detroit will be freezing until next spring.
  • Suggestion: Wear your orange t-shirt
The Secret of the Successful Strategist
The SF Giants Manager Bruce Bochy finds his opportunity by focusing his time on the proclivity of the opposing players. He creates a situation where the mismatch favors the strengths of his players while exposing the weaknesses of the competition. This is what strategic efficiency is about  ... Sometimes, a little luck  never hurts.

The Final Points

  • Hitting the long ball always thrills the amateur fans.  But it does not always guarantee a winning game.  
  • A balance of "Small Ball" offense (a momentum of singles, extra-base hits and base stealing) pitching and defense usually plays a factor regardless of the weather.  It never goes out of style. 
  • If the scoring of the game goes high, the observers should expect the SF Giants to use their bullpen.
  • Displayed tactical mismatches on the computer monitor do not win games. Proper execution on the game field is what count.  Games are always won on the field. 
  • Those who are strategically prepared, will be the victor 
If you are interested in learning about the art of profiling a competitor's tendencies, check out Dr. Sawyer's latest book.   It is an interesting read.

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