Sunday, January 15, 2012

Gaining the Informational Advantage by Knowing the Big Tangible Picture (2)

New England Patriots 45 Denver Broncos 10

When one competitor easily scores five touchdowns in the first half of the game, the serious and insightful spectator could have presumed that they have already identified the absolute weaknesses of their opposition and decided on capitalized on those opportunities.

Look at the stats and see if you have the same conclusion.

When certain strategic and tactical factors between the competition evens out, quality intelligence becomes relevant to those who want the advantage.

Compass Rule: The quantity of quality information is proportional to the quantity of strategic advantage (strategic power) that one might have.

note: There is an exception to this rule.

Additional note:
Most football fanatics knew that the Patriots were going to win. The question was: are the Patriots able to play dominance football against the Broncos? ... I presumed that the "inside knowledge" positioned the staff's preparation into a state of readiness and the team into a state of dominance.

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