Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Compass Trend (8): The Automated Trend Continues

As mentioned in previous posts, low-level human labor in the U.S. is on a decline. There is a moderately-high supply of human labor and a slow low market demand for that niche.

Automation is slowly lurking forward toward the many areas of business, esp in the restaurant business.

Do not be surprised to see that there are more vending machines that are being utilized at certain social economic niches within our information society. Self-help service is the current trend.

In summary, manual labor has become minimized especially when automation is being used. Anytime, outsourced industrial jobs are coming to the U.S . It means that the company has figured out how to automate it.

Notes from the Compass Desk
Our suggestion to those who have high aspirations and want to stay ahead of the curve. Be the top 10% who are innovative and inventive. Create the unique value proposition for those who have the ambition and the capital. Do not be expendable.

Notes from the Compass Desk
When the criteria of the grand situation is near-symmetrical, transitive and reflexive, the successful strategists are focused on comprehending the configuration of the Big Tangible Picture and identifying the exceptional point.

It is quite simple when one knows what to look for and have the process to do it.

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