Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gaining the Informational Advantage by Knowing the Big Tangible Picture

Fwiw, the New England Patriots are playing Mr. Tebow and the Denver Broncos this coming weekend.

Bill Belichick, the head coach of the New England Patriots recently made a masterful move by immediately hiring Josh McDaniels his former offensive coordinator as his new offensive coordinator for the next season, since his current coordinator Bill O'Brien will be leaving for Penn State after the Patriots football season is over.

One can only expected that the Patriots defense will gain a slight informational edge from the presence of Josh McDaniels. He was the former coach of Tim Tebow, the quarterback of the Denver Broncos team and some of the other Denver players who played in the previous season.

What is the chance that Coach McDaniels has an understanding of the habits and the situational tendencies of certain players? ... The Patriots now had one extra week of preparation and the insider information on how to prepare against the Broncos. ... So, which team has the advantage now?

Compass Analysis
  • Terrain Factor: Patriots (Home Territory)
  • Offense vs. Defense: Patriots
  • Strategic Playoff Experience: Patriots
  • Informational Advantage: Patriots
  • Divine Intervention: Irrelevant
  • The Wild Card Factor: Broncos
{There are more factors.}

Prediction: Pick the Patriots to defeat the Broncos.

The Information Advantage
When the categories of various critical strategic and tactical factors are evened out between the competitors, the possession of quality intelligence becomes quite relevant. ...

Compass Rule: The quantity of quality information is proportional to the quantity of strategic advantage that one might have.

The Sunzi's Advantage
... Did the reading of Sunzi's The Art of War presented Coach Belichick the true insight to make this move? (In the AoW world, the diehards know that he is supposed to be one of the many enthusiasts of the Sunzi classic.) ... I doubted it. ... It was his ability to see the connections within his version of the Big Tangible Picture and having the mindful awareness to make the right decisions. ...

From our experience, reading any book on strategy and tactics could guide someone so far. ... (However the AoW and the rest of the Seven Strategy Classics are quite good at giving good pointers. By carefully reading those books, one can indirectly find the connections between the exploitation of intelligence to the "terrain" level of the competition. ... Ask your local Sunzi reader/expert if he or she knows that connection?) ... Integrating the principles and the protocols into a d0-able process that would enabled him or her to operate efficiently, is the challenge. If it is done properly, the performance of its users would be elevated toward a higher plane of competition.

The Dao of the Successful Strategist
... The successful strategist begins his endeavor of achieving the state of strategic effectiveness when he sees the Big Tangible Picture by knowing how things are connected. Then he assesses it in terms of advantages and disadvantages. The next step is to position himself with a sound and solid plan and proper preparation. The final step is the influencing of the target with a myriad of orthodox and unorthodox strategies.

Do you know how everything connects in your competitive terrain and beyond? ... Do you have the intelligence advantage?

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