Monday, January 9, 2012

The Art of the Focus (9): The Practice of Becoming Focused

Our friend at Cook Ding's Kitchen occasionally gives us pointers on how to stay focused while avoiding contentment.

Some members of our C360 group have practiced various internal martial art systems for the purpose of improving their physical being while building their sense of concentration. Others preferred the practice of drinking their favorite beverage while listening to Bach and Mozart. One associate usually hum along to various Bach's piano pieces during the process of reading, writing and executing code.

Fwiw, Bach musical pieces (i.e., The Art of Fugue, Two Piece of Invention, etc.) presented to its listeners a sense of poise and perspective.  ... If you are strategizing, I recommended the practice of standing alone while listening to the low-pitched tone of Bach or Handel.

Some pieces of Mozart are great for the purpose of brainstorming. My favorites are usually the Two Pianos pieces.

In summary, one can only strategize and implement when he/she is focused. One cannot be focused by reading a strategy classic or thinking about it.

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