Saturday, December 31, 2011

Thoughts on Creating a New Course for 2012

Thriving in the information economy means having the right set of ideas that motivate its followers to a high goal. Finding them require some thinking time.

The Schema
Decide on a timeline between now and the next three days. Choose a quiet setting. Reflect on the compass of your settings. Assess your Big Tangible Picture in terms of your competitive terrain. Identify the competitive influences that connects to the grand terrain.

Write down your resolutions. Build your Tangible Vision. Delineate each particular point in terms of priorities, approaches and changes. Script the steps for each resolutions. At that point, analyze whether each resolution is based on your experience, your beliefs, your faith, your observation, assessed intelligence or a combination of the previously mentioned points. Review and re-edit again.

The Implementation
Throughout the year, there will be a time to re-edit and update one's own Tangible Vision. The best part of the process is the action of crossing out the completed objectives.

While the goal-driven strategists write their resolutions in ink, the process-minded strategists usually scripted their resolutions in pencil and slowly update it in ink. (That is a Compass rule.)

Good luck!

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