Monday, August 3, 2015

Notes on Jiang Tai Gong's Six Secret Teachings (Section 3 of Chapter One )

(updated on 08.03.15) 

The observed lessons from the third section of chapter one (The Civil Teaching: Affairs of State) are:
  • The key objective of the grand leader is to treat all people as a member of his close family.  Then, everything else follows.
  • Assist them in their endeavor. Do not harm them.  Beside providing them with jobs, offering them positive advice that comfort them, significant meaning to their lives , and happiness.
  • Be more equal. Minimize or zero out the gap between you and your people.  
  • Impose rewards, punishments and duties as if they were for yourself.
Comments From the Compass Desk 
To lead people, it is important to understand love, trust and respect from a grand perspective of bilateral reciprocity .  One only get what he/she gives.

Side note
This strategic classic was written by Jiang Tai Gong, the father of Chinese strategy .

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