Friday, August 28, 2015

Bruce Bochy's Book of Walks: A Book For Strategic Walkers, Cyclists and Baguazhang Players

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A good strategist rarely ever focuses on the x's and o's on a 24/7 basis. He/she needs to spend some time de-stressing himself for the purpose of staying relaxed and centered.

The Bochy's Perspective
One of our favorite game strategists is Bruce Bochy.  Beside managing three world series championship teams in the last five years,  he recently wrote a book on his favorite walking routes in the various cities.

"... I get out and take these walks for a workout but also to give me some clarity, or a mental break. It also allows me to see sights and sounds and smells of the places I go. ..."  - Bruce Bochy (an interview with a Canadian Newspaper)

Click here  on a radio interview on Bochy's new book  

"in 2006, Bruce Bochy has brought home three World Series trophies and earned accolades for his managerial maneuvering, all the while maintaining his trademark calm demeanor. What's the secret to keeping that famously large head cool? Walks. Not the intentional baseball kind, but the leisurely, reflective variety. Bochy joins us to discuss his favorite walking routes, the team's performance so far in 2015 and the much anticipated return of outfielder Hunter Pence."  -SF Commonwealth Club Interview 

Click here for a transcript of another interview with Mr. Bochy. 

Comments From The Compass Desk
Mikhail Botvinnik, the late world Russian chess champion, usually took a long walk before any chess match.

Walking is good.  Scripting is good.   But walking in circles could be better.    

Focus on the process of walking while paying attention to the specifics within the terrain is the challenge.

A proficient Baguazhang player who walks the circle, focuses on many objective points while the neophytes and non-BGZ players might focus on one or more of the following: the pace; the range of the circle; the pain and the discomfort; and/or the specifics within the environment.  

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