Friday, August 28, 2015

Profiting and Succeeding by Knowing the Pragmatic Practices of Successful Strategists

Following is an update of Pragmatic Practices (3): Compass Rules of Strategy:
  • Scripting the first 25 tactical plays, the adjustment plays based on the first tactical plays and situational plays in a sem-predictable setting
  • Always ensure that each move has a purpose;
  • Study problems and challenges in terms of completeness;
  • Always record each relevant project and then study it; 
  • Reading the Eight Classics (Seven Military Classics of Ancient China and Sun Bin's Military Methods { Art of Warfare}), Dao De Jing and other classics once per year;
  • Listening to audio books while doing non-lethal mono-task.
  • Building patience and control by practicing the various "Standing and Centering" exercises of Yi Quan, Taijiquan Baguazhang, and other internal martial art systems.
  • Focus on the objective while being mindfully aware of one's settings and beyond
  • Assess, Position and Influence
More to come. 

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