Sunday, August 9, 2015

Psychology is Strategy: An Internal Martial Art Training Pointer

To succeed in one's endeavor, one needs to feel "driven" not feel "down."

One cannot think about "the quality driven" and become "driven."  He has to feel "driven" by eliminating any or all negative feelings that existed within oneself..

The conceptual practice of IMA  ( Baguazhang, Liuhopbafaquan, Taijiquan, Xingyiquan, Yi quan, etc.) emphasizes the general perspective of "feeling" in any activities that one does.

The Focus and (Energy) Flow Principle
Where your focus (or attention) goes, the energy flows.   The initial step is the performance of the Zhan Zhung posture.

Mind Over Matter
Whenever one is emotionally down, perform the Zhan zhung posture (of your choice) and push that negative feeling to the ground and beyond while performing these following "Feel" concepts (feeling centered, feeling relaxed. feeling grounded, feeling calm and  feeling whole) in unison.

Does it sound simple?  Try performing one of the two postures shown above in a well-lighted room by yourself while maintaining the five "Feel" concepts for 70 straight minutes.

Comments From The Compass Desk
There are more strategic concepts and tactical practices to this grand concept.  ...  We will discuss more about the "Feel" concept in a future post.   Good luck with your practice.

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