Friday, July 31, 2015

Why Assess? Get a Psychic ...

(updated version on 08.01.2015)

Regardless of the message of "Big Data" from Silicon Valley, some of the techies are currently utilizing the services of psychics and astrologers for "subjective" insights.

Click here for more information on how some of the techies are receiving help from "the psychic powers from beyond." 

Q:  Would you trust some techies who emphasized the big data as the solution to gain informational insights while utilizing non-techie approach for their own usage?

Other Means
In the Asian realm, some preferred the essence of Yi-Jing for guidance while the others choose the approach of Ling Ch'i Ching.

The Dao of the Compass 

Our base preference is to utilize the Sunzi's Victory Temple Model (The Compass360 Consulting Group's Strategic Assessment chart) for assessing strategic situations.

As mentioned in the certain Chinese strategic classics (Sunzi, Six Secret Teachings, etc.) insights are usually gained from intelligence, not from pseudo psychics.

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