Saturday, July 18, 2015

A Compass Perspective For Applying the Western Chess Metaphor to Llife

  • Regardless whether one is the ruler (the king/the queen) in his own chessboard, he/she could be just a pawn on a larger chess board.
  • The role of an adviser (the bishop) is to protect the ruler (the king/ queen) 
  • Focus on not being an expendable piece for someone's else pseudo greater cause is the objective of a serious strategist; 
  • Always find a good corner to see the strategic state of the board  (the rook)
  • Seeing the rest of the board from the corner offers a better perspective in understanding the configuration of the board (the rook).  The accumulation of tangible intelligence makes him more valuable than the adviser in some instances.
  • The strength of a knight is having multiple options and being able to coordinate his activities with other pieces.   
  • it is important for the knight to be cautious when vaulting over other pieces and not getting caught in a corner.
  • Recognizing the strategic state of the Big Tangible Picture means not getting pawned
  • Whenever one is threatened by a negative situation, the option of castling should always be considered.
  • Never castle into an ambush
  • Know the strategic factors enables one to be strategically ahead of the game.
  • Know when to occupying and maneuvering from the center 
  • Know when to control the center from the flanks
  • ...
  • A chessboard metaphor is a microcosm of what the real world is
  • While some chess players win in the gameboard, they occasionally lose in the game of life.

    - More to come.

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