Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Failure to Plan is Not a Plan for Success (Cyber Economy)

( updated on 07.03.15)
"Past results is not an indicator of future success."  - Anonymous

Jay Z,  a musical genius  has met his match when presuming that he had "the push" and  " the network" to succeed in the streaming music business.

Basing a decision on opinions and gossips is not the way to go.  He believed that his intuitive feel of the situation gave him the perspective that acquiring a streaming music business would give him the advantage.

Every success is different.  Chinese strategic classics have emphasized on understanding the the cyclical state of the matrix of connectivity that operates behind a strategic situation

Failure to plan (w. the mindfulness of matching the operational specifics to the technical particulars of the  strategic objectives ) is to plan for failure.

The sum of vision and magical thinking usually does not create the strategic state of  proper planning, especially in a realm of ultra class competitors

The Compass Solution
Assess.  ... Position.  ...  Influence  ...

Instead of surmising the situation with generalities, the successful strategist always assesses the situation with facts-driven factors while filtering out the irrelevant opinions and useless gossips.

Based on the assessment, the strategist positions himself by identifying the strategic infection point (sip). Determining the open points and the focal point that would lead to the best path of least resistance while being mindful of constraints. 

The final step is influence.  ...  (We will continue this topic later.) 

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