Thursday, July 16, 2015

A Better Podcast Interview on the Strategic Concepts of Sunzi's Art of War Essay

After publishing the John Batchelor's interview post yesterday, I thought of a better interview on that subject matter.  

Click here on the starting point of all successful Sunzi's-driven endeavors.   

That link leads to an interview between SPY Historian Mark Stout and Dr. Ralph Sawyer, the translator of the definitive edition of The Art of War and the author of The Tao of Spycraft.  This interview focuses on the sophisticated theory and remarkable practice of espionage in traditional China. (Time constraints precluded pursuing the numerous contemporary implications.) 

Other Notes

While the field solders espoused the essence of Sunzi's Art of War, the elite strategists usually heed the principles of Jiang Tai Gong and Wuzi on a 24/7 basis .

Comments From the Compass Desk

A big war is usually converted to a few small battles when one is able to connect chapter 13 of the Sunzi's essay to Jiang's Tai Gong's Six Secret Teachings. 

To subjugate the predominant paradigm of a competitor while subverting their strategic power, we highly suggested the reading of  Sawyer's book on Spycraft and his translation of JTG's Six Secret Teachings. 

More to come. 

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