Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Fundamentals of The Strategist: Be Prepared

Do you know what is a victory? What is your definition of your victory?

How prepared are you?

Amat victoria curam   (Anonymous) 
Victory loves preparation.

A good victory usually possesses a definite and deep meaning.  Identifying it properly and being able to approach it with cautious preparation before your competition does, is the first step to securing your victory.

Unprofessional hustle could only go so far.  There is no beginners luck if you are prepared and focus-driven.

Proper Planning (and Preparation) Prevents Pissed Poor Performance
In the field of observation chance favors only the prepared mind. -  Louis Pasteur

unquam non paratus  (used by Itaiy's military unit)  
Never unprepared, ever ready, always ready 

Transforming a idea, a end goal into a plan and a process of preparation into the end goal of victory is always the challenge.

You have to assess yourself, your terrain, and the grand terrain first. 

The next step is the positioning of yourself with a good plan and sound and solid preparation. The final step is influencing your terrain while proceeding toward your target. It begins by being mindful of the byproduct of assessing, positioning and influencing  while having a good script .

Click here for more insight on assessing strategically. Then click here for a perspective on how one plans and prepares himself for a great victory.

Final Thoughts
By understanding the fundamentals of assessing, positioning and influencing, one can solve their own relevant problems.

To achieve great objectives, do not worry about being the hero that the people need. Know what is your victory. Comprehend your motive and your method. Finally, focus your time and your effort on it.


"He is lucky who realizes that luck is the point where preparation meets opportunity" - Seneca, the Younger. 


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