Sunday, March 29, 2015

Competing in the Efficient Economy from the Daoist View

Strategic pragmatism is about concluding certain decisions from a viewpoint of immediate gains while staying mindful of the Bigger Tangible Picture (BTP). 

Retrospectively, one knows that everything around him and her is quite mundane and boring. The only things that count is his belief in himself.

This would make the strategist detached from the non-relevant influences.

Looking from the Topview
One looks at things in terms of analogies. My preference is to use the system and sub systems analogy while others used the perceptive of major pieces and minor pieces (pawns, etc.). 

By knowing how things work from the different levels or realms of life, one focuses their attention and their efforts on their own goals and objectives while  ignoring the non-relevant, nameless, faceless objects. 

While viewing the connectivity between the people, the events and the objects in terms of changes and coverage, without ever losing one's own virtue, the successful strategist stays ahead of the curve by always being two steps ahead of the curve. He anticipates the events and adjusts to it by seeing the Dao of a situation.

Using a billiard analogy, he is always looking for that third shot before taking the first shot (for the apparent reason of staying ahead of the competition.) 

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