Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Succeeding in the Information Economy as the Expert (Pt. 5)

(updated at 15:15 hrs)

These days, the expectations of an expert are quite low.  By visiting LinkedIn and the other sites, one might realized that the title of expert is all a farce.

Most of them are more of a specialist than an expert.

If there is a long dis-connectivity between that specific skill and the trend of the Big Tangible Picture (BTP), that category of an expert could become irrelevant.  Think about it.


The first step to becoming the expert is to master the relevant fundamentals from level to level.

The next step is to understand one's own current situation and the state of the Big Tangible Picture before ever deciding on whether to connect to it or get ahead of it.

The true key to being the true expert is to identify the right position to seeing the complete configuration of the Big Tangible Picture while being mindfully aware of one's objective. Then, it would be easily for him to focus on his objective while being mindfully aware of the Big Tangible Picture.  ... Of course, mastering the relevant fundamentals come first.

More to come.  ...

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