Friday, March 27, 2015

Succeeding in the Info. Economy Through the Practice of "Preparation Precedes Performance"

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One general principle of strategy is to become flexible in regards to one's own objectives and strategic approaches when operating within an uncertain setting.  It is also important to center oneself on becoming self-efficient until the direction and the momentum of the Big Tangible Picture is established. 

During the preparation stage of the situation, one centers on the act of staging proper logistics and procedures to meet the opportunity from a top-down view.

Whereas, most people preferred to plan and prepare at the wrong stage of the cycle. For whatever reason, they somehow find the act of operating from the seat of their pants to be e
motionally enjoyable.

"A team that is unable to discern good fortune and misfortune in the as-yet-uninformed does not understand preparations." 
- Military Methods, 22 (A minor revision on a concept from Sun Bin)

Minor Jottings
In chaotic times, some companies have a tendency to take a risk without the understanding the secular effect within the Big Tangible Picture (BTP). 

Simultaneously, some Chief Decision Makers possessed the tendency of not knowing whether their project operation team project have the logistics and the economics to meet the criteria of the Big Tangible Picture. 

... Some people might know the general objectives and the approach for achieving a grand goal. It is quite rare that proper planning and preparation processes are ever implemented promptly. When a major negative circumstance forces them to do so, it is usually too late to execute that grand process.  Better yet, the implementation of the assessment step barely existed.

... Our research and our experience have revealed to us that most organizations do not have a strategic process that enables their decision makers to read and recognize the circumstances that lead to predictable and unpredictable settings.


Source: Dao of Strategy


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"Amat Victoria Curam" - Latin quote   

The translation is "victory loves preparation."

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