Thursday, February 28, 2013

You Are Only as Good as Your Last Performance

The Rise of Lou Gehrig 
"It was a long time between headaches. Wally Pipp had the first one. His head was buzzing when he reported to the Yankee Stadium on June 2, 1925.

"I can't play today, Hug," the big first baseman told Miller Huggins, the manager.

"Take an aspirin, Wally," Hug said. "I'll let that kid Gehrig fill in for you while you rest."

It was quite a rest. Not until May 2, 1939, was the name of Lou Gehrig ever out of a Yankee line-up"

The Rise of Colin Kaepernick
In November 2012, Alex Smith, the starting quarterback was replaced by Colin Kaepernick, a physically-gifted quarterback.  After nine games, he took them to the Super Bowl.  

Like all inexperienced quarterbacks,  Kaepernick's weaknesses were exposed during the game and the Niners lost.

During the transition, Alex Smith's response was quite understanding. 

After the Super Bowl game, Alex asked for his release and was traded to a struggling team. ... Life is never fair.  ... There is no sympathy in any extreme competitive terrain especially in the NFL. Mr. Smith will either evolve or fade into the NFL history books.  

Retrospectively, the Niners braintrust believed that this strategic change of quarterbacks will lead to a long term solution of being lethal and unpredictable.

Commenting from the Compass Desk
When competing in the efficient economy, remember that it is your job until you lose it. Then, it is the other guy's job.  ...  You are only as good as your last performance. 

This is the efficient economy where short term profits and losses are being graded during each and every strategic moment.  ...  Meeting the ever- evolving standards is the norm.

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