Monday, February 18, 2013

Compass Toolbox: Evernote

Are you using the web for research- and worried about losing it? 

Do you ever find yourself wishing you did not have to print every web page or article in order to save it?  

It is comforting to know that there is a software, backed up in the cyber cloud, that is easily accessible from any computer that will allow you to efficiently manage all the components of information that you are collecting.

That software is Evernote – an user friendly and powerful app that will assist you in remembering and retrieving your digital content, whether it's a note that you have written to yourself, an e-mail that you have received that you want to retain or a section of a web page that you would like to save.

It is one of our favorite cyber tools.

With Evernote, using any web-linked device, you can capture, browse, save, retrieve, share, search and edit notes, pdfs, web content, or other types of documents.

Being satisfied users of Evernote,  we recommended you, our readers to consider this tool as their app.

Fwiw, we have never been compensated for any endorsement. 

Side notes
In our evolving technological-driven information economy, no cyber system is perfect.   There is a price to pay for storing private data in the cloud. ...  Think about it.  ...  It is better for all to spend some time to assess their Big Tangible Picture in terms of relativity and prepare some contingency plans.  

It is that simple.  

Some of us still jot some of their unique notes through the use of the pencil and the paper. This old-fashioned approach still works especially in the area of retaining important data. 

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