Saturday, February 2, 2013

Proper Preparation Prevents Pissed Poor Performance #4

"The will to prepare is usually greater than the will to win." 

Being technically prepared is easy is for the amateurs.   They are usually psychologically unprepared for most uncertain situations.

Building the skill of being psychologically prepared is a balance of art and science.

Good psychological preparation and some unique experience usually minimizes the fear of pain, the fear of loss and the feat of uncertain extremity. 

Unlike what the Cult of the Art of War preaches, one cannot gain this unique state of awareness from reading the Art of War or any books. It is another  fallacy by those amateurs. Those who claimed that point, never competed in an extreme setting.

Our friends at Cook Ding Kitchen, explained to us that the proper practice of internal martial arts is one of the few ways to gain this level of awareness.  In the field of internal martial arts, the experienced instructors referred this level of experience as a skill.

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