Sunday, February 3, 2013

Food For Thought

A good strategy usually presents the implementer the following points: the state of their competitive disposition;  the state of their opponent's competitive disposition; a set of expectations; an anticipation of possible situations; situational tactics and other unique strategic matters. But, it is the effective execution of tactics that wins the game.

Another words, good strategy enables a team to adjust from an immediate losing disposition. But. well-executed tactics will enable one to prevail at the conclusion of the game.

The Whys of the Baltimore Ravens Victory 
Regardless of the "unusual" playcalling in the first quarter and non-referee calls throughout the game, the Niners did a very good job in the "chalkboarding" their opponent during the second half of the game.  But the Ravens played a better game of four quarters.  The game experience of Ray Lewis (MLB) and Ed Reed (FS) prevailed over the inexperienced Niners QB. 

Also, some people claimed that no one could have predict Jacoby Jones 108-yard kickoff return. If one looked at this past season's stats, the Ravens were ranked  #1 in special teams while the Niners were ranked #20.  

Congratulations to the Ravens and their fan base.

Side note: Whenever a political strategist predicts good fortune about one's favorite team,  there is a possibility that a glimmer of bad luck could be hiding behind it.  ...  Who believes in bad luck?

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