Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pragmatic Practice: Reading The Competition

To properly compete in the information economyreading and understanding the behavior of people is considered to be an unique skill.  In most instances, one does not learn it from reading a book.  

Reading a manual repeatedly, does not always mean that the reader will master the principles and the protocols  

There are those who have visited Las Vegas or other gambling towns, usually spend a great deal of time observing the routines of their favorite elite poker game professionals. They carefully studied their game actions from the start to the finish.

So, what is the key practice of some of these elite professionals?

The Practice
" I found out the way your mind works and the kind of man you are. I know your plans and expectations - you've burbled every bit of strategy you've got. I know exactly what you will do, and exactly what you won't, and I've told you exactly nothing. To these aged eyes, boy, that's what winning looks like!  ..." - Henry II   [ The Lion in the Winter  ]

Beside knowing the strategy and the tactics of their competition, the successful strategists  know their habits and their tendencies.

During gametime, the practice of reading the actions of their counterparts while playing the cards, is the standard play.  Plausible deniability of that practice is also the norm for some players.  ...  Those who know, will not say.  Successful strategists always play that game quite well. ...

The Process
Developing the state of quietude is the initial step. One learns what elements to observe after many sessions of proper practice.

Notes from the Compass Desk
Getting these points from a book will not help most of the readers. Those who possessed high mindful awareness skill, will know what attributes are influencing around their settings, will succeed.

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