Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Art of the Focus #11

Unless one is purposefully researching for a project, surfing on the web (especially aimlessly and watching people make money is a waste of their time and their  attention. 

Focusing on one objective while being mindfully aware of one's settings, is one of the most difficult skills to attain.   This practice is quite difficult to master  especially to those who demand immediate gratification. 

Proper execution of a strategy is impossible if he or she cannot stay focused on the  target.

The key steps to staying focused are: 
  • Breathing; 
  • Balancing oneself; and 
  • Finding the rhythm of one's own settings.
Scripting the particulars of one's strategy does help.  Other metaphysical specifics for this answer could be found in the archives of Cook Ding's Kitchen.

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