Monday, January 21, 2013

Compass Trend: Poor Assessment of Intelligence

Gartner is reporting that 7 out 10 BI project are FAILURES!?  That number is scheduled to grow in 2013!

Assessing the wrong intelligence could be a major reason for 
the poor development of a BI system    Sometimes, it begins by changing how one thinks. Knowing and accepting that there is an error in the process of assessing the intelligence.  The approach of collecting information could also be the root cause of error.

Assessing complex situations by exploiting "The Occam's Factor" (aka The Occam's Razor) is not the way to go.  There are risk consequences for utilizing that mode.

Instead of thinking and operating in an "absolute" mode, view things in terms of "situational relativity" would be beneficial on the long run. It would enable you to secure the path of least resistance. Knowing what particular variables are in play for that specific situation is what counts. This is the "Dao of Strategic Assessment."

As a note to our Sunzi readers, re-reading Chapter One of the Art of War is not going to help you.  One needs to rebuild their sense of awareness by re-strategizing their means and their modes.  This practice enables you to reconfigure your "experience" level.   

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In our future book project, we will focus on the process hierarchy behind the art and the science of strategic assessment.


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