Thursday, January 24, 2013

How Things Work in the Information Economy (2)

Regardless of the flaw behind the current browser technologythe successful strategists evolve by maintaining a large toolbox.   They always stay ahead of the curve by connecting the ideas, the principals and the events in terms of the relativity while working on their contingency options.  Relying on one type of technology tool is not in their playbook. 

In summary,  the successful strategists always implemented the following strategic moves:
  • Assessed the Big Tangible Picture; 
  • Positioned themselves with good planning and preparation; and   
  • Influence their settings by promptly deciding on the right option.   
Assess.  ... Position. ... Influence.  ... API.  ... It is that simple.   The OODA process does not always work in the field especially when the even parity between the two competitors becomes tangible.

Whenever the API process is consistently in a positive motion, the successful strategists will evolve forward.  ... 

Compass Rule 
Evolve. Don't dissolve.

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