Saturday, January 26, 2013

Food For Thought: Strategic Pointers

Quick Pointers from the Compass Desk
  • The collection of quality intelligence sometimes determines the state of the assessment.
  • The assessment of certain situations determines the criteria of the goals.
  • The goals and the approaches dictate the processes.
  • The processes govern the resources.
  • The performance of the implementers usually concludes the success of the goals. 
It begins by knowing the Big Tangible Picture. Then, pinpointing which of the nine strategic situations are in play, is the next step. 

With a tangible plan (or a Tangible Vision), one knows when to stay on course and when to adjust while executing the strategy. 

By following the mentioned pointers, one could succeed at some point of time.

* In a future post, we will touch on the tactical specifics behind those strategic pointers.

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