Monday, January 14, 2013

How Things Work in the Information Economy

This past Thursday,  a U.S. government agency  discovered  that an important portion of the pervasive web browser was compromised.  The basic solution was to disconnect the Java component from the browser.  On Sunday, the initial solution was provided by Oracle's Java division.

It is not over yet. The long term solution is still two years away.  Be cautious of your various interactions on the web.


Getting off the information grid would be quite challenging  for those who felt that they were being hoodwinked by the techie gods and the pseudo visionaries..

Bugs will constantly occur in technology. They do get fixed.   Those who were affected by it, learn this important lesson- life goes on.   

Perfection is an illusion.  ... Do not be overly depended on technology. This is the red pill of the information economy.  

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