Friday, January 11, 2013

Compass Trend #30: The Efficient Economy Sometimes Means Even Parity

When every competitor in your terrain, has a similar vantage point, what is your counter point?  ... Regardless of the criteria,  what set of specific points do you use to assess the competitive position of your marketplace?

What would you do, when each and every principal competitor has the same vantage point?  The emphasis on efficiency and quality could only go far.  At some point, the society only evolve forward when the new emphasis is on real scientific innovation.  ...  Technology could only go so far.

Innovation requires someone who is willing to take risk. In a society of rules and regulations, risk and freedom become a memory. 

Side note
Currently, most high-tech. innovations are based on achieving short-term gratification of minimizing time and reducing minor costs.  In most cases, these gratifications have become an afterthought.  

...  By being aware of their settings, one noticed that these acts of short term gratification usually breed attention deficit disorder and this dilemma has becomes the norm.  (In a future post, we will  talk about this topic.)

In summary, our cyber-driven setting has created a grand situation of near-equal level of efficiency and quality between the competitors.    

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