Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What is Strategic Power (Strategic Positioning)?

Compass Rule: One's position on the political-economic-social value chain is proportional to their response to the intensity of the competition.

Regardless of the competition, the key to prevailing in any venture is to establish effective strategic power (strategic positioning).

It begins by having a Big Tangible Picture that enables one to decide whether the act of cooperating or the act of competing or a simultaneous act of both acts is the best initial move for the moment.

Following is our conceptualization of what strategic power is about:
  • Using one's competitive disposition within the terrain as an advantage;
  • Anticipating the forthcoming opportunity and then timing one's potential to the best situation; and
  • Displaying the illusion and the reality simultaneously during any strategic situations.
Our book project covers more on this topic. We will post more information about it later.

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