Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Importance of Intelligence Assessment

Here is an interesting AP news item on how the U.S. intelligence agency found Osama bin Laden.

There is a rule of thumb about "acting on a specific intelligence item." If it is about 80%+ completed in terms of relevancy, most people would usually run with it. ... No intelligence stays static for a long period of time. ... Depending on the setting, the rate of change becomes a pertinent factor. ... Generally, most people do not spend any time estimating the risk/reward for using a certain type of intelligence. ... They go with their gut instinct.

Compass Process:

Identify the order of intelligence. Determine its sequence. Examine its timing points. Analyze the quality of data with various "what-if" situations. In most cases, the chief decision maker will have a better idea whether he/she is one step closer to hitting their target.

Compass Rule:
With the right intelligence and the proper assessment process , one can promptly find the order within the abyss of disorder.

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