Friday, July 15, 2011

Assess, Position and Decide (1)

By climbing the global mountain of political-economic-social value chains, the successful (Compass) strategists realized the rule of "money in politics and politics in money" is always in play. They also recognized that the quantity of quality money is proportional to the quantity of intense competition.

The height and the intensity of the climb occasionally determines the state of one's awareness. Those who have no awareness, usually ruin their execution with poor presumptions and ill-timed adjustments. In summary, the element of time, economics and effort are wasted. Trust and stability are broken.

By looking ahead of the climb, the successful strategists identified the politics and determined the self interest. (Remember that self interest is the origin of most relationships.) Then they examined the economics by following the money trail.

Compass Rule:
There is money in politics and then there is politics in money. If one has the political-economic influence in their terrain, then they are ahead of their competitive game for the time being.

(The picture originated from Posiwid)

Compass Rule:
Self interest is the origin of most relationships.

Ruminations from the Compass Desk
To compete effectively in the information economy, he or she needs to understand the Big Tangible Picture (BTP). Having a tool that identifies the connectivity of influences, is quite helpful. It should encompasses a hierarchical set of rules from the various strategic classics.

Can one formulates a similar tool?

Do the following: surf the web; visit the various forums; read tons of books, find the rules; filter the reality from the illusion; distinguish the few professional views from the masses of amateur opinions; take the gamble of implementing it effectively in terms of logistics and economics, lose one's own reputation, etc. . . .

In summary, one can learn it the hard way or you can contact us.

In future posts, we will define what is a successful (Compass) strategist.

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