Thursday, July 7, 2011

Assessing the Big Tangible Picture: Connect the Dots

Simple reasoning is not always as real as what the owner has stated. There is always something more to the given truth.

Recently the Five Guys invaded the home state of the In and Out Burger, We do not know if they will thrive on the long run. ... It has been rumored that their burgers are tasty and expensive . Depending on where one stands in the social economic value chain, the only real complaint is the price. In life, quality cost.

At this moment, they are indirectly borrowing the marketing cloud of In and Out Burgers. Sooner or later the Five Guys's current model of high-priced quality burgers will not work. ... Based on their numbers, they are ahead of the curve for this macro moment.

Without a good view of the Big Tangible Picture, one's luck can only last for so long.

Compass Rule: The order and the cyclical state of the terrain determines everything. No business model lasts a long time without the right amount of political influences, economic influences and other specific influences that must be in play. ... There are always a few exceptions to that situation. ... Knowing them and using it against the general rule is the key to emerging success.

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